Optimise experience and safety with event fencing

Heras Mobile provides solutions for a multitude of events. Joep Coenen, Business Unit Manager at Heras Mobile, gives another perspective to delivering event fencing. We don’t think in terms of the product, but in terms of the ‘journey’ that the visitor makes on and around the site. This gives a surprisingly different view of fencing. Well-fitting fencing contributes to a safe major event without escalations. “Provided that you understand the needs of the guests and anticipate these,” says Joep.

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Keep noticed with a customized temporary fence

Construction sites are everywhere and people don’t even seem to notice it anymore. To make a mark and let your competition know you’re working there, you can customize your city fence for example. Instead of a boring metallic product you can steal the show with your own design. Entering the construction site feels more personal now.

Instead of the usual entrance to a construction or building site you can give customers and suppliers a more personal welcome. Besides your own name plates on a fence you can also personalize banners and sliding gates to your liking.

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A sliding fence gate ensures efficient design of your access road

Drivers despondently looking for the entrance, delays at the entrance, distractions for the construction staff due to difficulty operating the entrance, searching for escape routes, etc. These are all inconveniences that arise when your access road is not efficiently designed. A sliding fence gate offers a solution. This gate prevents many frustrations while being easy and quick to arrange and install. In this blog post, we give the sliding gate the attention it deserves. In addition, we teach you how to use a sliding fence gate to achieve convenience and save time.

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AFA official membership

We are proud to announce that Heras Mobile is now an official member of the AFA, the American Fence Association. After successfully working together for some time with the AFA we joined the network of trusted fence industry professionals.

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At Heras Mobile, we think from our client’s perspective

The fence isn’t the first thing you notice when you visit a site. Nevertheless, such fencing often plays a very important role, for example with regard to safety or manageability. Heras Mobile in Best serves the construction and events market with its temporary fencing solutions.

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Make your mark: personalize your mobile fence with a name plate

A mobile fence is ideal to project your property, but it also serves as a greeting card. People see your fence first and your building area or construction site later. So it’s important to leave a positive mark. A personalized name plate on your temporary fence for example is a great way to let people know who you are and what you can do.

Although a lot of people think a fence is just a fence, you know it can make a difference. Not every fence is the same. You can personalize your mobile fence by placing name plates on it. So people see in an instant which company is in charge.

The name of your company on your own fence is a nice way to present yourself. About 70 percent of French companies have personalized name plates. One of the most used copies is the light basic fence. It has a low weight and is easy to install. 

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Your site fencing, the Herassen, the Heraszaun, the Heras fence has been around for 50 years!

You could even write a book about it. And a book has actually been written - it will be published in the autumn. It will be a best seller. Because it's not simply about site fencing, it's also about entrepreneurship. 

Site fencing has been around for 50 years. We know this because, in 1966, Heras was the first to start series production of temporary fencing. Let me quickly run you through the 50 years of entrepreneurship in this blog.

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A safe building site with enclosure fencing

A lot of requirements have to be satisfied at a building site and a lot of things must be taken into account. You must observe all legal requirements and regulations and guarantee the safety of your workers, local residents, and passers-by. You also want to limit criminality and inconvenience to traffic, yet at the same time provide speedy access for authorised individuals. You can deal with all issues in one go when you install the right mobile fences and gates. How can mobile fences provide added value? And, how can fences guarantee safety and security?

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The future is safe at Heras MF&S. Sustainable entrepreneurship in the land of mobile fencing.

Every one of our “People” answered “Planet” when we asked them what they, as an organisation, would like to focus on more. It is wonderful that corporate social responsibility comes from our very own people at Heras Mobile Fencing & Security. It’s another thing to actually try to turn these words into actions. How do we do this?

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What gates should you select for the entrance of your building site?

Your building site’s entrance should not be an invitation to steal or vandalise. Moreover, your entrance should not cause frustration in the drivers of arriving and departing construction vehicles. An entrance to your building site should impress on authorised visitors to treat the terrain with respect. So, how do you make an obstacle-free and burglar-proof entrance that suits your building site? This blog provides insight into the pros and cons of purchasing a sliding gate, sliding mobile fence, or a swing gate.

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